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    What's your Favorite Genre of Show that you could write for

    I wonder what kind of genre for a TV Show is your favorite where you could write for?
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    Gods Eater Burst - Talk up

    Not sure if there was a thread on this game but Now it's out I want to see what most people thought of this gameI actually like the game better then Monster Hunter on most Occasions maybe it's the Atmosphere and the story in Gods Eater that does it for me^
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    How was the experience with the Power Rangers and some other questions

    Well let me start off with saying the Green Samurai Ninja Storm Ranger was my favorite Disney Era 6th Ranger (since I count Brachio Ranger as a 4th instead of a 5th or 6th Ranger)How was the experience with acting in Power Rangers?how is your Carreer Progressingand are you maybe coming...
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    How was the Experience with Acting in Dragon Knight?

    How did it feel like to act in Dragon Knight as the Main hero?