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    New York Comic Con 2012

    I'm going this year and will post photos and videos of the event. Who's with me?
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    New York Comic Con 2011 Pictures

    This year was my first Comic Convention. Have to say, I loved it! I kept getting there by Noon or 1:00pm so if I go next year, that WILL change. All I did was talk to people and take pictures of our allies in costume. So I figured that I should post SOME of the pics here. Not all, some. I got...
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    Who's going to New York Comic-Con?

    This October I plan on going to the Jacob Javis Center for Comic Con. Never been there before so I'm curious. Who else will be there?
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    What's Comic-Con like?

    I plan on going to this year's Comic-Con, so I wanted to know what it's like for the three days it runs. What's it like?
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    Epic Rap Battles of History!!!

    Abe vs. Chuck: The maker, Nice Peter has 8 more of these.
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    The Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter

    In the movie Kamen Rider W Returns, Accel uses the Gaia Memory Enhancing Adapter to become Accel Booster. So what would happen if it were used with other gaia memories? What would they be called? Here's what I would do: Accel: Booster Beast: Creature Cyclone: Dervish, Dust Storm Eternal...
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    PS2 Emulators?

    I figured that this would be the right place to post my question so... Are there any PS2 Emulators out there where I could use my computer to read the disc, and if so, where could I find one?
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    What Was that Trailer?

    There was a trailer for a new Chinese armored hero show a year or 2 ago. Does anyone have a link to it? There were 2 armored warriors fighting a purple armored enemy and 1 magical girl in black falling from a building armoring up a 3rd warrior. I remember it was on youtube.
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    FLAC Files...

    How do you get songs out of a .flac file?
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    Finding people in real life...

    A relative had asked if I could find someone from a social netwoking site in real life, and now I'm wondering how to do this myself. Could anyone tell me how to do this?
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    Your Real Japanese Name

    When I saw the Japanese Name thread, it made me want to try something on Google Translate. I decided to enter the meaning of my family and given name in and this is the result: Konaya Umi no sensō or Konaya Usensō as a stage name I also entered my name as spoken (no meaning) and received...
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    My Computer's Down...

    My home computer's down right now and it may be like that until next week. I'm on a job program computer right now so I could just check in once in a while. If this isn't in the right thread could someone please move it. Thank you.
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    BitComet Problems...

    Could BitComet 0.70 damage the internet connection of a computer with Windows XP?
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    Supernova PV on Youtube The quality isn't all that great, but still.
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    [REQ] Kamen Rider Kiva Symbol

    Yeah, I've never done this before so I'm not sure if this is in the right spot. If anyone has it, could someone post the symbol for Kamen Rider Kiva please?