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  • hey man long time, how have you been? :) ah about the OOO's driver, sorry I have one with all the medals except for that snake, aligator, and bees I think it was? the movie one with forze. I'll let anyone I know about it so they can contact you, If your selling anything else KR let me know :D hope your well and everything is good.
    Yeah, whatever. Those people HJU are quite smartasses these says. They can't just take my reactions of Fourze/Gokaiger/Power Rangers & other animes way too seriously.
    June would be shortly before Goto took over as Birth. Date is still Birth in the movie.

    The Japanese fans said that they seem to still be with Eiji in the end. I'm pretty sure they didn't actually destroy any medals in the movie.
    Well I was actually referring to ppl I know IRL about being a dick with twitter and FB, nothing directed at you in case you were wondering. And I just came across that thread randomly and didn't even know it was talking about you =/

    I know. but I've had a same situation like this before when I was on youtube & facebook (those bastards). anyway, more on that in your PM.

    CONSPIRACY!! *Quote from R-Truth (WWE)*
    I just read your thoughts about why it happened in 'don't be a dick' thread recently. I know how you feel but to me how many enemies that I made around HJU recently NOT just youtube & facebook?

    I should've regretted from what I've done recently. Otherwise people will start a flame wars & referring to me all the time NO matter what thoughts that I posted & shout my hatred about it on Gokaiger/KR fourze/several anime shows (Even wrestling & gamestation taisen thread). This.... this is just inexcusable.... (My rant about people being ungrateful to it)

    nice going, assholes... :( I mean seriously, I have my reasons whatever my thoughts & opinions that I've been posted around HJU.
    Hahaha forgot, too many cosplay sites that I've been to since I cosplay aswell. :sweat: Sorry...
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