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  • The faiz gear doesn't come with any boxes,but if you're still interested in buying i will include the faiz dx blaster (which has has some paint wear but it's in perfect working order) with the gear set for an extra $5 on the price. So it will be $225 shipped for everything.
    i can give you the extra Chronochanger that i have in my collection plus, Wing Trigger, and Shodophone. how much are you willing to pay for it?
    incase that i'll let those you want to go with you, how much are you willing to offer for them? gimme something fair enough and i'll give you the items on the top pic. will wait for your reply bro
    so are switches 5 and 6 the most fun switches? 5 has you flipping it while 6 has you pressing the button and sliding. switch 1 seems meh. pressing down and flipping up.
    They might very well, for a fee...

    That's a wonderful offer and I sincerely appreciate it ^^ I'm fine with these, though. Special feeling of knowing the entire deck by heart. I wrote the names and species on a cheap deck while I was watching the show. I use the face cards from that deck for my Absorber. You'll have two each of those because you've got the trump box and the Absorber, so you can stick them in both places, if you don't want to find Blanks like djkidna (Kick Hopper) said.

    It pays to have Kings in the rouzer holders for play purposes if you're going to use the mode that actually counts AP. They never had to recharge in the show, but you sure will~

    I'm rather scared to know how much all of that would cost as one package, too :O It'd have to be bigger than the box my Ushi Origami came in and that was the biggest package I've ever seen (for a toy).
    You can absolutely scan and print. That'd be a lot easier than my journey. I found a list that had most of the right bar codes, then I had to hunt down the few that whoever made that list got wrong. Took some easy photoshopping.

    In some cases (mainly the King deck, because I've never found the barcodes online) I copied them on a xerox machine.

    Scanning is hella the way to go if you have the means, though.
    Ever consider making a rouze deck specifically for play? I've seen people with ratty cards on youtube more than a couple times. Split corners *shudder*

    I've got an entire deck made from plastic bridge cards. They fit in the holders on the Blade and Garren rouzers and through the King Rouzer, to boot.


    Can't recommend doing this enough, especially if you know you're going to be playing with them a great deal.
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