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  • Thank you.
    Can you maybe work on the ultra zero film first?
    I ripped the bluray today haha ^^

    I need to contact he server guy about the website...
    Yeah. It's just a funny coincidence how that worked out...since both characters have similar pasts and powers.
    I was hoping for a Tiger one. Maybe have it say "BYAKKO!". And maybe if you wanna do 2, can ya do a "TIGER!" one too? :D Maybe even have BYAKKO be silver tip and TIGER be gold tipped. (as an FYI...Byakko in Japanese is White Tiger. Just letting you know. :D)
    That's what prompted me to come too. I would've gone on RB too, but last time they said I was spambot and deleted me. :mad:
    lol, recognised your avvie anyway. It's alright, although it can be tricky to find the threads I'm interested in sometimes, boy this place is popular! :)
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