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  • Thanks, Gantar.
    Actually I've tried to search in Google, but I found nothing.
    How about OP 4 & 5 Single Album?
    Did you find the link?

    Yes I get my RAWs from there. And I trust them for the time being, but it just feels good to have it yourself and know where you got them from :)

    hehe I know some prefer subs in multiple ways, which is why I provide both hard and soft sub. Just now the hard sub (probably) doesn't look as good as the soft sub. You won't really notice with GoGoV, but you'll definitely notice with France Five.

    Thank you so much :) We love you too. It feels good to have some happy fans. If you like Sentai (or just Toku in general), then you're gonna LOVE our other surprise releases this month ^^
    I have no idea. I have to buy the DVDs first, and they can get pretty expensive :( We were thinking about putting up a donation button, but we really don't know what we feel about that at this point in time ^^ However, it won't be anytime soon. I suggest you just watch the releases we have now, since there isn't anything wrong with them :) I'm just crazy when it comes to "good quality", so I want to get the DVDs one day to know that I'm using MY RAWs :)
    did you unzip the Avisynth? If so you have to then right click and select open and install Avisynth. Then you need .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your computer. I hope you're using a PC and not a MAC. And you also need Combined Community Codec Pack. If you still can't get it to work, I'll try and encode for you.
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