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    Music back in the day

    This topic was already discussed; just under a different title. Once again, it's all has to do with what the person is wanting to find in their musical taste. What people think of today's music is going to differ from another's thoughts on it. I like some of both because the old music is...
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    Music What Is Happening To Music?

    I pretty sure this is an old topic that EVERY generations has stated. What is popular to some isn't to others. What I think it comes down to is preference. If you're someone that likes a story to be told with your music, yeah, you may think music is horrible now or days. If you want something...
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    Music Do You Play Any Instruments?

    I use the flute, however not all that well. I never learned how to play it, through I wouldn't mind learning. Just need someone that also knows how to play because I can't read music. I've tried on several occasions but I just can't seem to figure out what each note means.
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    Music Any oldies songs you're still down with?

    Now, what do you consider oldies? Are we talking about jams that were played in the 60's - 90's? If so, I have to say with TLC. I love their chill music and funky humor. I thought they were awesome group of women that knew how to sing and tell a story. They knew what they were doing to connect...
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    Microsoft publishing Rise of the Tomb Raider

    I'm just hoping that it'll do well. Mircosoft has a bit of a track record now of doing stupid things to products after they get their hands on it. You could say they're a miniature Electronic Arts. Oh well, it's many for the money like always, in any cases. Let the gamers decide in the end if...
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    Music What bands/artists are you listening to nowadays?

    I've mostly been listening to my old music from back in high school of bands I liked. Linkin Park, Black Eyes Peas, as well as anyone that MrSheep off of youtube comes up with for songs that are remixed and such. The only recent person that I listen to that is up to date is Bruno Mars. Love his...
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    Book vs Movie

    I know one movie that is coming that I refuse to watch it: The Giver.They changed key aspects of the character and made a joke out of this book. This book wasn't about action and thrills! This was a book about a boy who was twelve and experiencing what the world was like previously. Not a...
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    Square's New Passion: Ports

    They honestly should be ashamed of themselves. You don't troll your fanbase maliciously and expect no one to walk out. Personally, I say every single person in that ROOM should have walked out. See how much of a smile would have been on that guy's face when they turn their backs to him.If...
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    Street Fighter V Revealed As PS4 Exclusive

    Personally, I just wish these companies would stop with the exclusives. It's just like when they say sex sells a product: "If you're product was good, you wouldn't need sex to sell it." The same applies to this, minus the sex part. This applies to ALL the consoles. Not just PlayStation, not just...
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    Do Video Games Make People Violent?

    @JessiFox - This is ,also, sadly true. While individuals that try to state a point try to be rational, the people in charge try to tune them out by talking over them and just trying to pass off a further stigma. The reasoning is still: "If it bleeds, it leads" to them. If they lose one of their...
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    Music Live music?

    My one and only concert was of this Japanese band that came to my city, Dir en Grey. I love their music, even if I can't fully understand it. There's something to be said of bonding through lyrical means. (It's a plus that I have a crush on one of the members too! I just wished I got a chance to...
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    Books Has A Book Ever Changed Your Life?

    When I was younger, I didn't like to read all that much. I only did what was required of me just to pass some classes.However, my love for reading was sparked when I was in 6th grade and read Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. This opened me to a whole new world of literature and adventure, as...
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    Books Young Adult Novels

    I can understand where you're coming from, heyhowareyou! I read and still read books that are meant for young adults because it's something about the content and progression that intrigues. I personally think some adult authors should take note on how to make their stories more enticing.As far...
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    Ralph Baer, father of video games, dies aged 92

    Thank you, Ralph Baer.You made it possible for this perform called video games to be recongized as something amazing. I don't know if you knew how big it would become, but something tells me it brought you joy to know that others were overjoyed to play things that was the product of your...
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    Music Music you can't stand

    @Nick and @Miles Hansen - I have to agree with you both.I'm not a fan of her rapping, but she's a better singer than anything. While I may not be a hardcore fan like her followers, I can admire her as a person, at the very least. She tries to pass of the decency of how to be a good...