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  • Hi
    Do you still have all the gokiagers?
    What about kamen rider tiger?
    What about kamen rider gataka?
    What about kamen rider skull?
    I'm interesting in your kamen rider blade rouze cards archives set.
    Are you still selling it?
    Thank you.
    I would very much like to get your Agito Flame and Storm, Basco, Ultimate Shining Kuuga and the 3 Chogokin robots.
    Hi, i am very much interested in these following Figuarts (if they're still available): Cyclone Joker Xtreme, OOO Putotyra Combo, Ryuki Survive Form, Fourze Cosmic State. I am ready to pay as long as u send me a notice.
    Thank you man XD
    Hey man, is it likely ill get a reply off you about figuarts anytime soon? No worries if not but please let me know so im not holding money for nothing. Thanks
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