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    70s Kamen Rider must-see eps

    Title pretty much says it all. What episodes from 70s Kamen Rider shows do you think are definite must-sees, and why? I'm hoping to hear stuff about each of the seasons. :)
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    Early 2000s Sentai: How They've Aged

    A lot of people talk about how the early Heisei Kamen Rider shows (Kuuga to Hibiki) have aged and how it was such a different era for Kamen Rider compared to the stuff now. I know there are some talks about how the early 2000s sentai have aged here and there, but thought I'd make an actual...
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    Most to Least Favorite of All Watched Sentai (2013 Version)

    A little over 2 and a half years ago when we were still in the middle of Goseiger's run, I started a thread where we all just went all out and ranked every Sentai show we watched from most to least favorite: Now that Go-Busters has ended...
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    Episodes of Hibiki you liked or disliked

    There've been several threads about what everyone liked or didn't like about Hibiki. But I realized there was never really a thread about which specific episodes that people liked or disliked (or since this is Heisei Kamen Rider, which 2-ep arcs). I loved the ep 17/18 arc. This one, a Douji and...
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    My Journey's Start to Ultraman

    In the past, I've seen various episodes of Ultraman shows. But just a few weeks ago, I finally decided to sit down and watch my first full Ultraman series, Ultraman Nexus. Yes, I'm one of those guys. :P I was pretty bored and was itching to watch a new toku that I could enjoy. A lot of people...
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    Toku that have made you feel good about yourself

    Has anyone here had that feeling where a specific tokusatsu program made you feel happy, or made you feel good about yourself, left a particular positive impact on you as a person, or expanded your horizons on life, or taught you some very valuable lessons that you will never forget? Or did...
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    Hurricaneger: 10th Anniversary

    I know that there are Hurri threads out there somewhere, but seeing as how Zyuranger had it's own anniversary thread about a month ago, I thought, how about some of dem other shows? So yeah, this show is now a decade old. Reminisce!
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    Thoughts on Gaoranger's Rasetsu Arc

    I've noticed that for a lot of people, Gaoranger's Rasetsu arc (eps 32-44) is the arc that seems to decide people's overall opinions on Gaoranger (unless you didn't like it before Rasetsu). The arc seems to result in a love it, hate it, or just plain mixed feelings on the overall season...
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    Re-watch Value in Kamen Rider

    As the title of the thread says, what Kamen Rider seasons do you think have high re-watch value, and which ones don't? Are there some seasons that are only fun to watch just a couple of times? Or perhaps many many times? Or is just once enough for some of them? And why?
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    Toku ever too depressing/dark for you?

    There of course have been some pretty dark/depressing toku series out there. Some happen to be a bit too dark/depressing for some fans to the point where it's just not any fun to watch. Some of the main examples being Jetman, Timeranger, and 555. Has anyone ever felt like a dark/depressing show...
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    When Ignoring Rider "Plot Holes"

    Of course, most Rider seasons have their fair share of issues when it comes to their plots. But some seasons have noticeably even more plot holes than other seasons. Namely 555, Kabuto, and Kiva. The issues aren't always "plot holes," but can also just tend to be things that aren't explained...
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    What do you like about New School Sentai?

    I've seen threads talking about what anyone would like about old school Sentai. But I decided, why not discuss what we like about the new school stuff? What are some new things that we like in the new seasons? Or what are some elements of older shows that you were glad was kept in the newer...
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    All 21 Kamen Rider shows: Most to Least Favorite

    Made a thread similar to this a while back for Super Sentai and Metal Heroes. Decided to make one for Kamen Rider now. Rather than a top 5 or 10, share your rankings for every single season of Kamen Rider to date. :) Here's mine: Top Favorites: 1. W 2. Agito 3. Kiva 4. Kuuga 5. Hibiki 6...
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    The Go-onger through Goseiger Era

    I've noticed that ever since Shinkenger became popular, there was a sudden line that broke in between Gekiranger and Go-onger, "separating" them to some extent. Ever since then, I've noticed that there have been many threads in forums that talk about Go-onger, Shinkenger, and Goseiger as if they...
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    Juspion Talkback

    I've seen Gavan, Sharivan, Shaider, and Spielban. Gavan to me was okay. Sharivan was good. Shaider was awesome. And Spielban was cool. I've yet to watch Juspion. And I've been wondering what it's like compared to the other four shows. Many have told me that it's epic.