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  • Oh, not too much at the moment; I'm making my way through KyuKyu Sentai GoGoV and Kamen Rider Hibiki. I'm enjoying both, though the lack of subs for the former does hurt a bit, LOL.
    >> Why do you ask? Did I say something?

    Nah, wasn't you specifically. Just trying to get varying opinions on the series itself.
    I was actually watching the Blade movie when I thought of that since same series make stuff inevitable~
    If I may ask, what didn't you like about Kamen Rider Blade? I'm only on ep. 9 and the only thing that's bugging me is how over-serious everything is.
    I see, I see. Well that's good to hear. Haha Last characters before Gokai I all liked was Shinkenger.
    You shoud probably update your blog's banner, considering that Gold & Silver were remade two years ago with new artworks of the Johto Starters.
    Was curious and checked your blog out again. Have to say, thank you for this; eases my curiosity by a lot.
    I wont I wont. lol

    And yea! She looks exactly the freakin same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw I never found her attractive in GoGoV...but in this Gokai ep, she looked kinda cute.
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