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  • Hey man, I may have just been missing you by chance time wise, but not seen you on IM in a long time, how's things?
    I REALLY hope Wizard is good. Please let the 3rd time be the charm. I won't hold my breath either though.
    I could say the same. Go-Busters is wavy to say the least. I'll never go back to Fourze..nope.
    Just seen the subbed episode 3 of Kakuranger, loved it, great job. Some guy on youtube has uploaded the subbed episodes. If you mind me asking hows episode 4 getting along?
    Two things:
    I was watching episodes 3-4 of Kamen Rider Black yesterday and I was telling my sis how Yutaka Hirose was in the latter one. She then, I guess, forgot who he was so, I showed her Shougo's MV and she points to him as Tranza and goes "He looks cute in that, I like the hairdo!" :laugh:

    Skipping forward to an hour ago or so, I was watching episode 1 of Jetman with her and at the end, she goes "*gasp* that's the girl. That's Rie!" I had to hold back my laughter at how unexpected that was.
    haha yes, i just noticed that your fan subbing group has subbed episode 3 of kakuranger. How did your finals go???
    Hey i'm loving megaranger too much. Do you know anywhere i could watch the raw and read the English translation (like episode guides or scripts)???
    Hey, good luck with your finals. By any chance will you be considering to sub megaranger episodes in the future by any chance??? It's just im half way through the series and i'm loving it too much. Is there by any if you know anyone that is subbing megaranger will you be able to let them onto me??
    Sorry I indirectly missed you at AB; at first, it was just bugging me that I didn't get a picture of the Gingayellow I saw there but then sgtkira told me who it was and I was just like "Oops".
    I didn't know you were part of the hikari senshi. How come you not subbing kakuranger episodes anymore????
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