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    [SELLING] Eugene's Permanent Sales Thread (Will Update Randomly)

    Eugene's Permanent Sales Thread (Will Update Randomly)Hi Friends,It's Been Forever since I had sales thread on here as I do most of my Selling on Rangerboard. So I have decided to make this Permanent Sales thread as I have stuff that I need to be clear out and I have not been having any...
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    Eugene's Super Sentai, PR and Rockman (Megaman) Sale!

    Thread Closed!!!
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    Eugene's Fall Sale 2012

    Thread Closed!!
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    Eugene's Youtube Channel (Check it out)!

    Hi Guys, Well I kept posting the link to my youtube Channel on my Past Sales threads and in the Haul threads so I figure doing a thread on it would help. My Channel Focus on PR,Sentai,KR, Mega Man and Trasformer toys so Please subscribe.Here the Link:
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    Tensouder, Wolzard SH Figure and 2010 MMPR Dino Megazord

    Thread Closed!!
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    MMPR 2010 Figures, Megazord and Rockman 4th Armor Model

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    Shinkenger Vol 1-10 DVD's

    Thread Closed!!!