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    Frozen Flame Launches Free Demo For Steam Survival Fest

    Reminds me a bit of Genshin Impact but less Anime.
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    [GAME] HJU: New Generation (A World Forgotten reboot)

    EPISODE ONE: The Invasion - Part One. and EPISODE TWO: The Invasion - Part Two."It seems we're almost complete, Ms. Sung." said a lab assistant, handing over a familiar rider device to her. Nami Sung, who is now head of the HJU Tech department, sporting a black lab coat and a clipboard looking...
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    [DISCUSSION] HJU: New Generation (A World Forgotten reboot)

    Nami Sung. 27. Japanese Korean. Widowed. Previous aliases: Kamen Rider Glaive (briefly), Kamen Rider Delta (briefly), Kamen Rider Den-Ojou (briefly), Kamen Rider Zwei.-------------------------------------I know there was A LOT of confusion and lots of things missing from the previous RP...
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    T12 and Canada Cup fighting game tournaments.

    For Canadian gamers, such as myself... there are few private tournaments known out there but even less in national level tournaments, for we have T12 and Canada Cup.The T12 is in late September and the Canada Cup in November, this year.I have completely dropped all other games like COD...
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    EVO 2011 - Talk Up

    For those who aren't familiar, it's an annual fighting game tournament where top ranked players gather and play for the championship. For those who do know... yeah... =)I kinda wanted to start one earlier, but yeah... after watching the SSFIV tournament. I was surprised that the expected top...
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    Duel's Play VLOG Series.

    Alright.. so it's kinda similar to the Let's Play... but since I'm playing by myself, I'd like to think of it as a Play Vlog. Whereas I comment myself while I play, and would like to encourage fellow gamers to post and comment, or even play a few games with me.‪Let's Play: COD: Black Ops -...
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    Let's Play, HJU! (PS3 version)??

    I've been trying to do LP videos from my digicam but I've finally decided to get video capture gear for my laptop... and I would like to create some LP video with my fellow HJU members =)I was thinking of doing LPs for Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies... just basically us running around...
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    Beyond The Dream (Registration and discussion)

    Beyond The Dream. A MMOTRPG (massive multiplayer online TEXT RPG).What is "Beyond the Dream"?Beyond The Dream will be a new RPG concept introduced to HJU as a fresh NON tokusatsu based RP. The concept will be familiar to that of Shaman King or Bleach, characters will mystic weapons powers...
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    HJU: The Infinite Battle. (Discussion/Possible registration)

    Welcome to HJU: The Infinite Battle.There's always two sides of each world, the one we live in... and the underworld. In the underworld, there are no rules or order... but there's always someone pulling the strings and rules it all. Until the underworld isn't enough, he plans to take his rule...
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    Power Ranger Arrested for DUI.

    SORRY IF THIS IS IN THE WRONG THREAD. Please move it to the proper section. =)SOURCES:,0,4152306.story and JRX @ snk-capcom.comNever was a fan for that one, but this news was funny to me. Don't ask.
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    HJU: Together, We'll Be Stronger. Presents: SUMMER VACATION MINI-SERIES!

    Editor's note: This is based of the ever-popular forum RPG on HJU. All the characters are based off their RP counterparts, all locations are based on real places but fictionally imaged. All rights and credit goes to the forum members who've participated in the story thus far. This is a separate...
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    Duel's Custom Kamen Rider Art Projects

    I've done one already... KM Duel:'m probably renaming sometime soon... but aside from that, I've started the next part to it.While the name for this rider remains unnamed at this time, the initial project was Kamen Rider Fire, I'm just...
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    My custom Kamen Rider art project: Duel.

    I'm not that great of an artist, but I just like to scribble on my free time (when possible). Just thought I'd like to share my works.The design, you could say, is (Den-O) Wing form inspired. I drew these when Den-O was on that the time. There's Basic Duel form. Dark form, Arms form and...