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    Character and Monster Designers.

    So I've recently gotten into Garo and I've got to say the Horror designs are absolutely beautiful, it was to my pleasant surprise that it was Yasushi Nirasawa who designed them, whose work on blade and den-o has included some of my most favourite monster designs. So the reason I'm making this...
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    So I somehow came to own an extra set of the sagozo medals with the card, it's unopened as I didn't really have a need to open and thus am selling it. I'm hoping for a buyer in the UK but am open to other countries, though you'll have to pay for shipping alongside the normal cost. So I'm...
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    Ultraman Nexus - Talkback

    I tried hard to find a damn talkback thread for this show D: but to no avail and it would have been major thread necromancy so I Thought why not make a new one, anyways I've chosen Ultraman Nexus as my first array into a full Ultraman Series, and tbh I'm loving it so much right now, for the past...
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    Sonic the hedgehog PRISM MAXIMUM DRIVE

    YouTube - Sonic Colors in Japanese is a homage to Kamen Rider W/Double! and this is why Sonic Colours is now my most favourite SONIC GAME EVER
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    Let's all watch double live tonight!

    I was wondering since double turned out to be such a good show (which has been a rarity in past years even though I loved den-o and decade XD) if people wanted to get together to watch the last episode live : O We could use the toku chat or something for chatting and I wanted to ask what was...
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    I was wondering has anyone ever made a diorama with their figures, I've been meaning to make a quarry one for some epic rider battles (final rider war of decade for one =3=) and wanted to see if anyone has attempted such a thing before so I can get tips and what not like what do I make it out of...
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    Final Art Ride.S.S.S.SHADOW_SCYTHE whabang!!

    Apparently my old art topic no longer exists :C I guess it was due to that topic deletion problem we had a few weeks ago :C which is a shame I had a lot of stuff up in it. Anyways enjoy my latest pieces both sonicy, transformery and a bit of riderdom. The Fangire King C: Sonic and Shadow in...
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    You know it pains me that the anime that truly shine during these seasons don't seem to pop up as much on these forums, I've seen countless threads on harem or echhi anime, where's the good stuff from the past couple of seasons, eden of the east and what not, anyway I aim to rectify that, with...
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    Transformers Animated Japanese Dub!

    Since there are so man TF threads for each season, I thought, why not make one pertaining to the japanese dub if there's a thread already on this feel free to merge mods, but for now I present to you the japanese op of TF animated sung by JAM PROJECT and featuring some sexy japanese animation...
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    Heroman - Anime written by Stan Lee I just finished watching the first episode via crunchyroll, and I must say this is pretty badass, for those not in the know, this is a collaborative project, east meets west so to speak. Here Bones has teamed up with Stan Lee to create this merging of...
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    PSX Kamen Rider Game talkup

    Hey does anyone own the old PSX game, the one with ichigo and what not, its a fighting game, not sure about its title but I think it's simply called Kamen Rider. Here's the cover I just managed to play this on my pc and I was wondering if anyone has a movelist for it, sooo badly want to do a...
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    Amazing Stop-motion This blew my mind at how well done it is, reminds me of the eden of the east ending but it flows so much better.
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    Power Rangers:Kamen Rider

    With Power Rangers no longer making new series, how many of you would like it if the power rangers production company took up a Kamen Rider License? I know Power Rangers, Kamen Rider two different franchises, not the same, they'd be called power rangers by kids, but really does that really...
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    Shadow Scythe's Collections and random pics of EPIC

    I don't know where else to put these kind of pics, but since other people have collection threads I guess I'll put these up here C:
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    Gackt - Stay the Ride Alive The song was pretty cool as well as tsukasa's omg mah head hurts thrashing, is it odd that while this song was playing I had kamen rider spirits images running in my head.