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    MY NAME IS THOMAS Review: A Look Ahead to a Glorious Past

    Very touching and moving. beautifully executed. I appreciate you showing this beautiful movie with Terence Hill, a legend. This is among the most gorgeous movies I've ever seen, and I won't soon forget it. What an amazing, powerful link created by shared compassion.
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    Blake Lively Steps Into The Octagon For MMA Drama, BRUISED

    I remember the role ends up with Halle Berry now.Halle Berry deserves a lot of respect because she doesn't appear to be trying to be the "beautiful girl" that everyone thinks she is. Her efforts to prove that she is more than simply a lovely face appear sincere. You must regard that.
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    Someone JUST NOW Found A Two-Player Mode In Super Punch-Out

    When I was a kid, I spent years playing this game, and I remember one time when I accidentally used the Japanese letter hack. That is the amount of times I've played this. You have no clue how much time I'm going to spend playing in the two-player mode.
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    Bruce Lee’s Protégé, Dan Inosanto, Is Getting A Biopic

    Let's just hope a Filipino actor will play him and not some white passing biracial or a white person with brown face.