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    Collectibles Harry Potter

    Are they still printing the harry potter books? I wonder if everyone is holding onto them thinking they will be collectibles like the Pokemon or beanie babies ended up being.
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    Books Which literary character would you vote for?

    Yes definitely Jay Gatsby. That book changed my childhood and that man is a gentleman.
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    Tech What type of cell phone do you own?

    I own an iPhone 4, but the 5 is coming tomorrow! They are offering many discounted iphone 5 deals right now, so I decided to cash in.
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    Video game being addictive

    I think video games are definitely addicting. I was addicted to the Xbox Cod series throughout highschool. Looking back, I wish I wasnt, but it made me happy at that time.
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    Playstation 4 or Xbox One

    Which will it be and why? I am still undecided.
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    Music subforum?

    Could a music subforum be added to this board? I think it would fit nicely with the current forums on here
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    Music Music fans

    Well I'm sure you get enough Nickelback jokes as it is so I won't make any for you.. I like anything from pop to electronic, anything uptempo!
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    General Discussion Best antivirus for android cellphones?

    As an iPhone user I am surprised to hear you have anti virus software on your mobile. How important is this to your phone?
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    Making Games on the Bases of Movie

    It think it is much easier to go the other way. Making a movie on the basis of a game. But then, can the game continue, can they keep making new storylines?
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    General Discussion Favourite sports of all?

    My favorite game to play is Ultimate Frisbee. It isn't very popular in all parts of the world, but it is slowly catching on
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    Tom & Jerry: The Friendly Feud

    That show was so fun when I was a kid. I cant believe it held my attention without any words... I guess I made up the words myself
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    Collectibles Who watches pawn shoes on tv?

    I know they are fake, but I still enjoy seeing the things they show us and learning about some historical pieces. Plus the storylines they make up are pretty catchy. What is your favorite show/item you have seen?
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    Tech Your cell phone ringtone

    I use the default iPhone ringtone for everyone except for my boss. When my boss calls it is the dun dun dun dun song. It is a friendly joke :)
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    Tech What kind of computer do you own?

    I have the first Aluminum Macbook. It does everything I need it to! Except game :/
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    Books How to win friends and influence people - Read this book!

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