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  • Like I say, I don't know what i've got, but music downloads take about two seconds (not lieing here) and a Power Rangers Ep dl takes about five minutes.
    I'm trying to keep up, but I've got a Kiva Fic in the works and most of my time is consumed by writing that up.
    Sir, you have the chance to defeat the Sonozaki Family (Sonopranos) in THH. Please do it before someone else does.
    Whoa...that is a lot. I'll be happy when God grants me a job. Not that I haven't been looking.
    *falls out of chair amazed* Damn...that's more than I know. I know english (speak it, that's why), spanish, and minutt Japanese, though that's getting bettere.
    English...easy! I know a bit Spanish. I've been learning a bit of Japanese thanks to Kamen Rider and the corresponding music.
    I'm taking a stab at the language barrier and saying Good morning and good night is what y ou just said? If I remember my barely teachings of Japanese right.
    Sounds good. I woke up just now, so I'm ready for the long and tiring as it may be.
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