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  • That's Dio's voice, and WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY wasn't even in that video. Also, you are so lucky you approached me instead of one of my friends. You would have been in for a rude awakening. Emphasis on rude.
    oh yeah. please email me at MSN what my request please? oh btw, i was sicked since few days ago. to be honest at this rate cannot survive with that heat will become worse.
    We have to wait patiently? How long will we have to wait until we take Walt Disney Company back from those people who are too damn proud? Anyway, I hope you have good sleep!
    TCH! I hate people who are too damn proud of themselves. I don't think that's what Mr. Walt Disney would have wanted for his company to turned out to be, but if he were alive to see this, that will give him strong heart attack! But I thought that his family only going to running this company? What happened?

    Oh, yes! It would be awesome. I would love to see Japan version of "Super Hero Time" here! I'm very saddened of what America turns out to be that way..Ugh! I hate richer companies.
    Yeah, it's very annoying, all right. What a shame that they will not sell PR franchise to anyone else. Of course, Disney doesn't like to share and won't even bothering to admit that they accept defeat.
    I wish I could hear that sounds..just what you were talking about..almost as if you spoke through my heart's feeling! Just how bad are they? :hmm:
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