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    Vought international from “The Boys” have a verified Youtube channel and its disturbing

    This is so Meta! This is why I love the Boys, It is Amazon's number one show for a reason!
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    GTA in Portland? Let me count the reasons why not

    Honestly, I'd be more interested if they went totally crazy and brought GTA to a brand new location. GTA: Alaska or GTA: Iraq could both be interesting choices. :P
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    Books What book are you currently reading?

    I'm reading 'Not That Kind of Girl' by Lena Dunham. It's a pretty interesting read although I can't say I actually like her as much as I did when I started reading the book. She's very open but sometimes that can be a downside.
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    It Looks Like The Last Of Us 2 Is Happening

    I haven't finished the first game yet, but I'm interested that they're gonna be making a sequel! It will definitely give some clues about the endgame for the first one, which is funny because given how nihilistic the first one is I thought everyone would have just died at the end. ;)
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    Music Any oldies songs you're still down with?

    It's a combination of old and new but I'm loving Tony Bennett's new album with Lady Gaga! Their voices are both amazing together (especially hers which I hadn't realised before) and it's so nice to hear some classic jazz on my phone once in a while. I definitely recommend it!
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    Music What Is Happening To Music?

    Nothing at all has happened to music. Mainstream, commercial music you hear on the radio has always sounded generic and formulaic and change takes a lot of time. The only reason we don't realise that is because time has weeded out the majority of the generic songs that weren't trailblazers.