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    How Are The Ratings For Gaim

    Serious question, how are the ratings doing for Kamen Rider Gaim?
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    [Video Game] Collosal Kaiju Combat!

    Help support the new Greenlight and Kickstarter here: and here: the link to learn more about an extraordinarily...
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    Podcasters with Attitude! Power Rangers Podcast

    Hey ya'll. I'm part of a new Podcast, the PWA, where we review Power Rangers. Specifically we review Power Rangers one episode at a time. release 5 episodes a week, and are nearly done with season 1. There's three of us, but we alternate every five...
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    Green Ranger: The Movie ...? have no idea if I want this or not.
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    UltraSeven Talk Up!

    The series has finally launched on DVD, I just got my own copy, and man I can't wait.Discuss your journey into this classic series here, if the mods don't object. I figure, with this being a rare official release, it deserved its own thread.
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    Who is the most violent toku hero?

    I'm curious. The knee jerk reaction would be some one like Shin or Amazon...But is Amazon or Shin any more violent then UltraSeven?Are there other heroes who are even more brutal?This applies to not just the way they kill their enemies, but also how they fight in general.Seven is a...
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    UltraSeven On DvD

    Apparently Shout! Factory is releasing UltraSeven to DVD later this year? Ultra Seven: The Complete Series: Shoji Nakayama, Koji Moritsugu, Akio Jissoji: Movies & TVSome one please confirm.
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    Burk's Toku Week Schedule!

    Putting this up for as much my own benefit as anything else, though some might find it interesting, I've devised a schedule for myself to get shows watched on a timely basis. These are mostly Toku series, though I have a mix of different shows thrown into the latter half of the schedule. No...
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    Connect Everything

    I was just thinking, with the new continuity set down by Fourze trying to connect everything, there is a way to do it.The Great Leader.Step back and think on it a moment. The Great Leader is this unknown force, has taken many forms and identities and bodies, some times simultaneously, and...
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    Ultra Series Speculation For This Year

    This is a bit different and more exclusive than what the general Ultraman thread would allow, as well as a certain other thread made by Knight Phoenix.The reason why is pure and simple fanboyisim, but not of Ultraman Dyna.Instead I'd like to pose a question to those who would know more on...
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    Humor in Toku

    This topic keeps coming up, which likely isn't a surprise given the chicken freezing and late night Sentai comedies.But I've noticed an annoying trend. A lot of people tend to think that people like me, who are annoyed with how humor in Sentai is done, just doesn't get it because of culture...
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    Metalder is an amazing series

    A few of you may recognize me as the guy who just can't get into Sentai that isn't Bioman or Liveman, and has more than a few bad things to say about Modern Rider. ....and RX. Mostly Decade. But also RX.So you may wonder-or at least my vain egotistical mindself believes you should, what Toku...
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    Five Point Podcast

    Casshern Sins: The Five Point Podcast with some other jerk!
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    Spice and Wolf: Fivepoint Podcast
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    Five Point Podcast: Origin Spirit of the Past If you have any thing you'd like to see us do, PM me