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    PICS AND GIFS...OF JUSTICE - Part IV: It's raining Memes!

    Let's get some more funny and awesome pics in here! Starting with... FLYING KITTY BALL!
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    Today, 11-02-2011 is one of only eight "palindrome" days this century, and the next one won't be for another 8 years and 3 months! (02-02-2020, and yes, I'm a dork :P) For those of you that don't know, a palindrome is a number, word or phrase that when read forward and backward is exactly the...
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    HJU Picture Thread - Secret Identities: Behind The Helmet 4 - Pretty Pictures!

    Okidoke, welcome, ladies and gents, to Part 4! Now go at it, I'm at work and don't have any pictures handy. :laugh:
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    The LOLToku Justice Thread Part 3 - Bring On The Funny!

    Ok guys, here's part 3 for your viewing pleasure! Here's one to start us off. :thumbs:
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    HJU Word Association Thread IV ~ MOAR WORDS

    The rules are simple, post the first word (try to keep it at least semi clean, please!!) that pops into your head when you see the word before yours. Go at it! Beginning
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    HJU Word Association Thread The Third ~ As Random As Ever!

    New Thread Time! The rules of this game are simple. You look at the word posted right before you, and put the first word that springs to mind. Within reason. Try to keep it clean, please. :thumbs: When we last saw this thread, dchoc had just posted... Cringe
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    Kamen Rider OOO - Talk Up Part 2!!

    TaJaDol has appeared! YouTube - ????????? ???????? Kamen Rider OOO TaJaDol That really was a very unfortunate time to put an advertisement, Toei. :P Feel free to peruse the original thread for the rest of the discussion.
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    Show Us Your Henshin...Again!

    We have a fine tradition here at HJU of preserving our geekiness for posterity by taking pictures of ourselves with various henshin items and posting them in this thread. Here's one of Keith and I to get us started. :thumbs: And here's a link to the previous thread if you want to see the...
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    HJU Picture Thread - Secret Identities: Behind The Helmet 3

    Too sleepy to think of cool title. :loltongue: We had some great stuff in BTH 2, so come on, people, let's see some mug shots! :thumbs:
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    MEME JUSTICE Thread 3 ~ Where Awkwardness Meets Hilarity

    LET'S GO! LOL Version 2 Here.
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    [J-TALK] Rising Sun Chit-Chat 6 -Let's Morphin! No, Let's Not.

    Ok guys, here's the new one! In our previous episode, there was a fascinating conversation about subs for the latest Arashi concert going on...
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    Favorite Composer?

    You said in answer to a previous question that you listen to lots of movie scores. Who is your favorite movie composer?
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    Toku Hurt and Heal 3!

    Ok, the old thread was getting a bit long, so since it's my turn to start one I figured I'd start a new thread to go with it. :P Rules There is also a half hour limit between your posts, and double-posting is not allowed, even if they're more than a half-hour apart. Best Mentor/Helper! I...
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    The Viewing Globe V3! For the Record, Fish Jerky is the bomb

    Only took us 8 months to get over 1000 pages in the last one, let's see how long it takes us this time! :loltongue:
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    HJU Radio: Girls in Trouble, Session 01

    [Click Here to Download] This evening, us girls have taken the helm of HJU Radio to bring your our unique perspective on all things Toku. Fangire Queen, Lynxara and I had a blast chatting about our own Toku origin stories, favorite heroes/villains and shows, as well as some fairly recent...