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  • Heh, dropped Kabuto an hour so ago. Heard Blade had the "best-ending-ever" from a friend so trying that now.
    the april 1st thread. think you can delete it or something? We really don't need a thread about last year.
    You got your hands full? What shows are you currently watching, Blade Dancer? :D

    You know, after watching some episodes of Gransazer, I saw water tribe, I got that strong vibe from them, because it will help me with my project coming next year, calling, "Aqua Hero: Hurricane Force."

    It's getting interesting! :D

    I want to ask you this question, how come you couldn't get into Chousei Kantai Sazer-X? Is there something wrong with this series? Right now I'm watching Chouseishin Gransazer, I'm loving it! :D
    Dunno... just thought I'd say hello in probably the most disturbing way possible. :/
    (It was either that or the chainsaw idea, but I don't that would have gone well)
    You know its funny. Because I started on kabuto and when I watched blade I nearly wrote it off because it started so slow. But after the first 5 episodes it started to pick up. Its like Double zeta gundam if you've ever seen it. It had the same problems and Gundam fanatics like myself see the reason why episode 14 of the series is called the start of Double Zeta. I'm happy because I still to this day just get bored and hope right into series.
    Well I gotta say I like you the best out of three as I am a semi-rabid blade fanboy. I loved the show and I really would like to hear more of you ladies.
    It's live! Go for it.. I left details of what's needed in the Hound forum. :)
    Episode goes up tonight... I'm leaving it to you or one of the other girls to do up the talkback thread in the Power Chamber. :)
    Find a third yet? Maybe nerefir? ^_^
    I think I was wrong pegging you as a Gardevoir... you would fit better as a female Blaziken! Fire/Fighting type and totally cool :D

    Its also one of my favorite Pokémon, if not my favorite period. :D
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