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  • Ah./I'm replying to your post on my account.

    Well, the USB Drive is actually not that badly priced. It's 15 bucks for that 4-Gigabyte flash-drive/That is kinda balls considering the fact that I can get an 8 Gigabtye flash-drive for about 20 bucks and I can get some DANG mileage out of that thing before I trade up to a 32-Gigabyte flash-drive.
    Hey, BioHybrid.

    Thanks for trying to raise awareness but, those guys are probably right. I'm actually moving on from the whole thing. Though, if you do buy that flash-drive and if we somehow meet up at Morphicon 2014, I'd be more than happy to sign that puppy for you.

    If you can't come to Morphicon, you can send the USB Drive to me and I'll sign it for you then.
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