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  • lol your awesome too man. And they sometimes can get a little too serious XD
    Argh seems the Movie isnt hardsubbed yet :/
    I wanna put the movie on my ipod once SARS subbs it. which would be awesome if they did tomrow cause most likely I will be finshed with season 2 by then.
    Haha! Awesome to hear you say that. Some of the guys in RSCC said that said it was mostly flashbacks and it was like basically watching the 1st season twice. :redface2:
    awright, glad to hear. And one last thing, Can I get your Opinion on HYD 2? I heard not alot of people like it, but its pretty good so far.
    I've been meaning to do it for a while, I started the 1st season yesterday, and Finished it about 4 hours ago, and right now Im on the 3rd episode on the 2nd season.
    damn, I thought that was it, I'm watching it, and I saw a scene very similar to that.
    so dude, two things, well 3 things we should discuss.
    1. Where'd u get Jump ultimate Stars ?
    it was a special so it was 86 and 87. Like at the end of it they showed a preview for a new Arc, like u have to see it.
    have u seen the latest Shippuuden episode?
    the Commmercial at the end is Crazy!
    hmm, now that u said that, I might watch it later, But I cant now, Have u seen my list? its so cluttered XD
    awwwwwww, oh well,
    at least I know that more then one of us in RSCC goes to anime forums XD
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