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    We're starting to loosen up on that and you do great work, so I trust you to post it up. Go for it and thank you!
    Can't while I'm on vaction and on my tablet. Contact Tom Constantine and provide him with details. Also, don't you have keys to the front page?
    Why hello, Mr. Admin! Would you be embarrassed if I posted publicly on your page saying that I loooove you?
    Just want to ask something, can you read Japanese? I'm gathering info about the members who can read Japanese so when I need some translation help I can ask the for some assistance. Thank you.
    So, I sat down to watch the Hibiki movie earlier today and I loved every minute of it. I even said aloud to the TV "Get the sword, get the sword!" when current!Hibiki was fighting Orochi. It being in the cave, I didn't expect, though.
    Ok, so this current list will be the last one unless someone decides to make a new thread? I don't really understand what you're getting at.
    Hi do you know that they're always misunderstood everything from what i've just said? Even I've posted them on PM & nothing can be solved whatsoever. That's it, I'm done with HJU. Goddamned these idiots on HJU. NO good manner rules whatsoever. They're always posting some bad stuff about me all the time & i'll be damned IF it never be solved again. They were wrong, really even though the damage has been done. I mean seriously, what is wrong with these people these days? I'VE HAD IT ALREADY!

    When this thing's gonna stop? The answer: We don't know.

    IF there somebody insults & harrass me again on HJU, you will be reported for harrassment. Simple. *logs off*
    You think you could remove the link from Bigdog's quote of mine, too? It still has the link so..yeah, unless you can't remove it.
    I see you're a mod for the RPG board. Ehhh, I did a noob thing and accidentally named my RPG thread something else. Can I change the name of the thread to "Guardian Angels?" Thanks. Lol.
    yeah, I've been away for a year, it also didn't help that I started lurking as soon as I came back, LoL. But I'm trying to change that by posting more.
    Aoi, I'm seriously tired seeing that Knightphoenix's post. Seriously, he/she just keep talking even when he/she's wrong. Even if other people try to tell the right info, she/he just keep blabbering on.
    :3 Swwweeeettt! I'm gonna make you a really nice one <3 So find me some customers if you can <3 You rock <333
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