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    Tribes: Ascend

    VGSan, 320Km/han, Skiian, Capture the Flagan Any of you guys here play Tribes: Ascend? Before you say no, go download the game and start playing... so you can say yes. What is tribes? It's an awesome free to play FPS that isn't all brown and bloom like most are these days. It's about goin'...
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    Algo's game sales and service shop

    At some point we've all probably lost some saves on an older game cartridge due to a dead battery. It's frustrating, and inevitable. Batteries don't last forever and once they're dead it can definitely suck about just having to shelve a game without being able to play it properly anymore. Well...
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    Happy Birthday, Kura!

    In Japan! Well, it's your birthday somewhere already. So yeah. I really just wanted to make this before someone else ninja'd me! Happy (early by like 12 hours!) Birthday! So! Happy Birthday, Kura! I hope it's a wonderful birthday filled with maple syrup and hockey, because you're from Canada...
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    Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans!

    YouTube - ‪Team America - America **** Yeah‬‏ Beer and hotdogs all around!
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    Question about music.

    What music do you find yourself listening to the most?
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    Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse Giveaway

    Just a head's up. I was checking my email a few minutes ago and found one from Telltale, which I normally don't really even look at... but they got this offer going on: Pretty cool if you don't already have Netflix, which this prompted me to...
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    Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation

    So, this game is (finally) getting a North American release this month. Anybody besides me planning on picking it up? I've got it pre-ordered through Gamestop, in hopes that I'll get that Slime plush pre-order bonus. Hopefully it sells more copies than IV or V did.
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    What music have you been listening to lately?

    Are there any albums that you've been jamming out to? Any old standbys that you always have ready to go?
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    Digital Download vs CD

    When you purchase music do you prefer the instant convenience or reduced prices of digital downloads of an album, or do you prefer to buy a physical copy in a store? In short, do you want to just have the digital files or do you want a tangible disc?
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    Happy Birthday Kura!

    Have a great B-day! <3
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    Showering, and you.

    There is probably already a thread about this... but I didn't find it when I searched. So, do you prefer to take a shower at night, in the morning... or at some random time during the day?
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    Richard Wright (of Pink Floyd) has passed away. This is a damn shame.. First Syd Barrett and now Rich... It's a sad day in the music world. This guy... he helped pioneer so many techniques that'd become standard in recording, and playing music. He will be missed by...
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    Ultraman: The Next question

    So, I think I read that the R2 of this has english subs... I can't find where I read it or even begin to remember. Now, if it actually DOES, then hot damn I'll actually be surprised. So does the R2 of Ultraman: The Next have english subs? Or was it all a dream? o_o;
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    English dub of Ultraman Mebius & Ultra Brothers?

    So I was searching on Ebay earlier and I saw a copy of the Ultraman Mebius & Bros movie that included an english audio track. Anybody here know how bad the dub is? I kinda figure it's like the Cosmos dub, where none of the voice actors speak good english.
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    Pink Floyd's 'Echoes' played over 2001: A Space Odyssey

    Most people have heard about the whole Dark Side of the Moon over The Wizard of Oz deal, but this one is totally new to me. A somewhat lesser known song by the band, before they made their HUGE break with Dark Side of the Moon... an equally good song, over an infinitely better movie. The first...