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    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

    Seems like another interesting game for PS3:
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    Rockstar on 360

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    Team Ninja chief Tomonobu Itagaki on 360

    To give some balance to then negative news on PS3-only being posted here, I'm posting some news from serious developers like Team Ninja, famous for the Ninja Gaiden series:
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    PS3 firmware update 1.90

    The next firmware update of the PS3 brings it load of changes, like upgrading CD and DVD playback through HDMI and the likes, but one feature particularly fans have been waiting for: Wallpaper support! Please post your 16:9 wallpapers in this thread to share with others. Formats are: 2560 x 1600...
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    E3 : Killzone in game trailer

    That's it, finally an in-game trailer of Killzone. I must say, I'm impressed with the graphical quality of the title. It's the best looking FPS on a console I've seen so far, with a close tie to Call of Duty 4. The physics engine seems good as well. Can't wait to hear more about the game-play...
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    Sentai inspired Japan exclusive DS game coming

    Got this from a friend of mine:
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    New PS3 bundle in Japan

    Japan will see the release of a PS3 bundle on July 26, where you can get either: - PS3 60Gb model + Minna no Golf 5 (61,980 Yen) - PS3 20Gb model + Minna no Golf 5 (51,980 Yen) A give-away price if you ask me, considering what you get for that money. Here's the official announcement...
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    two new colors for the DS

    Woot! two new color versions for the DS: Gloss Silver and Metallic Rose:
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    Watch your favorite shows and movies on your Wii/PS3/Xbox360

    Thought this might interest more than a few people, since many download shows and movies in divx/xvid and other formats. This nifty little program, Tversity, will allow you to stream virtually any audio/video file to your Wii/PS3/Xbox360 through wifi. Haven't tested it on my Wii yet but intend...
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    Value of a Japan-exclusive DS

    My friend let me play some of his DS games and I'm sold, I'm buying one! But the question is whether I should buy one here (Europe) or ask him to bring one from Japan for me next time he goes there. The one he has is navy blue and apparently only available in Japan. The draw-back is that the AC...