• Ian3234451k

Hyped for a chance at pioneer.
  • Grisham Sax

When will be relase on console?
  • MTG Commander

well personally i dont mind having standard sets that often. but im concerned that their quality might be compromised by the amount of other products we get.
i think peple are suprised that new set is coming so soon because we have faster switch between planes now and not the old 3-set blocks.
  • DanDanielson

but there was not so many additional products. people want to play standard AND something else to not feel burned out.
  • Ian Mathews

When in doubt, blue blue blue.
  • Tim Hathaway

Its basic lands, everyone has them so it isn't a big deal if they charge that much for special art
  • GilGill314

Since Alchemy released I have 1) stopped buying paper magic, and 2) stopped playing Arena except for Standard and Draft formats. I no longer buy gems. Was this your plan?
  • BruceBruce34

I'm betting you?re probably right, but my fear is that the price will end up getting to be so high on the resale market that I would?ve been better off buying each set of 5 lands individually. I really hope they end up bundling these so folks can get one of each.
  • Andros

Really? It's been 2 weeks since neon dynasty release and in less than 3 months there will be another set? Hold your horses wizards... Not everybody is the whale you aim to get
  • Angel Camden

I'm guessing that commander 2022 will be aligned with new capenna just like C21 was with strixhaven and C20 was with ikoria. New capenna looks to have 5 tricolor aligned clans (the other 5 that were not in ikoria) and those will likely each have a commander deck associated with them for C22
  • Ixthion Andros

You have to fix the MTG arena you should put a card disenchant option in the game. I came from hearthstone and half a month now i cant put together i momo green Kura deck ffs.. WTF is this 25xp only per win atleast give 50xp when wining and if you lose give 25 ffs..
  • GilGill314

I have mixed feelings about the pre-release being befor the digital release, I like the push to get people into LGSs but I really appreciated being able to get a feel for the set before the event.


Feb 26, 2022 at 4:49 PM
Posted by EileenCruz
Blake runs through dates for the upcoming Streets of New Capenna, Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate and more!

Read more: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/streets-new-capenna-and-commander-legends-battle-baldurs-gate-release-dates

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