The Reign of Emrys | Episode 13 | The Maiden's Lament | D&D Actual Play Homebrew

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Jul 19, 2021 at 3:39 AM
Posted by EileenCruz
The party wakes aboard an infamous pirate ship and tries to make a daring escape. Things don't go as expected. Unless you were expecting poorly.

Welcome to the new campaign! The Reign of Emrys takes follows the adventures of a diverse band of heroes as they find their destinies intertwine with both one another and the fate of their nation. Watch live every Friday at 7pm PST on or here on YouTube on Sundays nights!

Episode Timecodes:
00:00:00 Episode Start
1:38:07 Intermission
1:38:29 Break Chat
2:07:59 Game Resumes
3:21:49 Credits

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Character designs are by Hailiiz!
She's an amazing Canadian artist who deserves your support.

Graphic design by Michael Ilott, the great and powerful.
Go see him on

Game maps were made by James Gibson using Forgotten Adventures assets.
Learn more at The Forgotten Adventures website:
You can sometimes find James at

Music credits:

Resolution by Alexander Nakarada

Find Them by Alexander Nakarada

Virtutes Vocis Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Once Upon a Time by Dark Fantasy Studio
Licensed under a Premium License

Black Sails by Dark Fantasy Studio
Licensed under a Premium License

The Ocean Takes It All by Dark Fantasy Studio
Licensed under a Premium License

Like what you heard? For background ambiance we used sounds from Tabletop Audio for this session, just like we have for off-camera games for years! Tabletop Audio is a site with a full toolkit of songs, special effects, and soundboards to bring your adventures to life! The composer, Tim, hosts the site for free, so give it a try and if you have a few spare bucks, definitely donate: the quality of his work is staggering.
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