Echoes of Mana | Pre-Registration Trailer

  • XmexSandar54243

Mobile games are the Softball of gaming. More people play it, but nobody takes it seriously.
  • GilGill314

Could you imagine if the mobile part was just an april fools joke
It'd be more awesome then SqEx realizes, I bet
  • Adam Samson

Please make sure there is controller support for this. I really don't mind a game being on mobile but the controls with a controller are so much better. Especially if having a controller helps free up some of the clunky on screen elements. I know square has done this pretty consistently but still figured I'd voice it.
  • Tim Hathaway

They might as well not do this there current mobile game are barely holding up as it is
  • Michael J. Ramos

come on square, u need to get back ur crown as a best rpg game genre, dont let hoyoverse hold the crown, i hope no more flop for this one


Apr 3, 2022 at 3:01 PM
Posted by EileenCruz
The upcoming Mana series mobile game, "Echoes of Mana," is now available for pre-registration on iOS and Android! Pre-Register now!

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