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Feb 12, 2020 at 3:58 PM
Posted by EileenCruz
Greg Tito discusses the latest Dungeons & Dragons products and livestreams and more! -- Watch live at

Please note the shirt giveaways in this episode was only for the Twitch livestream, there is no give away for YouTube unfortunately.

No D&D News for the next two weeks, will return on March 3rd.

0:00 - Welcome, sneak peeks of what's coming this episode, and Twitch t-shirt giveaway
4:45 - Internet mentions and press on D&D
7:44 - Greg gets into his coffee
8:27 - Greg talks about Dungeon Mayhem and its upcoming Monster Madness expansion (releasing Feb. 28th)
17:25 - Shows off the Player's Notebook & pencil - Merchoid Preorder link:
19:22 - Adventurer's Fund coin bank - No link available
20:15 - Heat change mug -
22:07 - For whom the dice rolls keyring -
22:30 - D20 light -
23:35 - Greg talks about bringing Matt Mercer on to Dragon Talk this Friday (Feb. 14), as well as Explorer's Guide to Wildemount
27:38 - D&D Rewind segment
34:50 - Greg discusses the Rivals of Waterdeep news of Surena Marie and Carlos moving to LA, so Surena can be the Community Manager for Critical Role
38:23 - IDW 'A Darkened Wish' comics, written by B. Dave Walters
40:32 - Icons of the Realms, Descent into Avernus - Arkhan the Cruel minis busted open and examined
46:57 - Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures of Young Silver and Gold dragons
49:17 - Housekeeping news and discussion for the stream
53:45 - Begin of sign off and thanks to the community, talks about his home game

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