Team17 and independent game developer Pteroglyph have announced their real-time strategy game, Forged Battalion, is now complete and ready to purchase on the Steam marketplace.

Pteroglyph is a team made up of Command and Conquer veterans, and they’ve used their experience to create a refined new entry to the RTS genre. Players can customize their own unique faction in a myriad of ways, adjusting weapons, armor and abilities for each member. Preparing for battle this way is key to victory in Forged Battalion — enemy factions will have their own strengths and weaknesses.

As you win battles, you’ll take home prizes and earn abilities that will help your faction grow and become more powerful. Your team will never stop evolving in Forged Battalion.

  • 15 single player campaign missions
  • 2-8 player (or AI) unranked Online Multiplayer
  • 1 v 1 ranked Online Multiplayer
  • AI skirmish battles – play against up to 7 AI players
  • AI difficulty settings for single player campaign missions and AI skirmish battles
  • Standard, Annihilation and Destroy HQ unranked / AI multiplayer game modes
  • Faction Creator. Save multiple Factions to take into battle
  • 71 attachments across 4 Tech Tree tiers
  • Building attachments – customise turrets, HQs and superweapons using attachments
  • Map Editor & Steam workshop support
  • Soundtrack, sound design and voice-overs by the iconic RTS composer Frank Klepacki

Forged Battalion is available now on Steam, at an introductory price of $15.99. The regular retail price is $19.99, which it will revert to in a week.