Ask anybody who grew up in the 80s, or anybody who’s at least familiar with the family films of the 80s, and they’ll tell you one of the saddest scenes they’ve ever seen is that one bit in The Neverending Story where protagonist Atreyu loses his horse.

For those who have still never been scarred by this, you can read the following description or you can watch the clip below (but if you’re currently in a good mood, just know viewing this will ruin that quick). During Atreyu’s journey through Fantasia, he has to get through a gloomy forest called the Swamp of Sadness. You can pass through it fine, as long as you’re not depressed. The sadder you are, the further you’ll sink into the swamp.

Atreyu feels fine, so he thinks this will be no problem. But his horse Artax is just having one of those days, so he starts to sink. Atreyu pleads with Artax, shouting “I LOVE YOUUUU!!” but it’s to no avail. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him not sink.

An online British merchant called TruffleShuffle has taken this emotionally horrid scene and created a pair of lovely flower pots out of it. One has Atreyu, the other has Artax, and both are sinking into the dirt where your daisies are planted. This is a dark joke, but it sure made US laugh.

Get your Atreyu and Artax Planter Gnomes by heading to this link.