Sonic the Hedgehog found vast success on consoles in the 90s, but he was never able to break through to the arcade. You have probably never even seen a Sonic arcade game, and for good reason. Sonic’s first attempt at quarter-munching didn’t appear until 1993, and it only saw release in Japan: “SegaSonic The Hedgehog.” It might have gone through a name change had it been localized.

The gameplay involved, as you might expect, getting from one location to the other as quickly as possible, and you could choose from three characters: Sonic, Mighty the Armadillo or Ray the Flying Squirrel. Ray actually made his US debut THIS month, in Sonic Mania Plus for the Switch — the first game he’s ever been in other than that obscure arcade title.

But before SegaSonic, Sega made two known attempts at a Sonic arcade machine, neither of which left testing. One of these has at last been found and was demoed recently at the California Extreme Arcade Expo. Have a look….for the first time ever, this is “SegaSonic Bros.”

It’s not a Mario ripoff, it’s a puzzle game…starring Sonic and his previously unknown red and yellow brothers. Gameplay is similar to another arcade puzzler called Cleopatra Fortune.

We really know nothing about this Sonic arcade game other than it exists (and until 2016, we didn’t even know THAT much). And there’s supposedly one other rejected Sonic game out there! Where will it turn up?