Is there any possible taller order than trying to make a sequel to The Shining? Stephen King wrote a followup to his own book in 2013 called Doctor Sleep, about a grown-up Danny Torrance. The task now falls on Warner Bros. to make a movie out of that book without the guidance of Stanley Kubrick — while at the same time pleasing King, who hated Kubrick’s movie.

These days, Danny is trying to use his Shining for good, helping out at a local hospice and using his powers to guide the dying to the other side. He also has a cat that can predict when someone’s about to die (because Stephen King). Danny is still shaken by the trauma of his dad trying to kill him with a croquet mallet (changed to an axe in the movie, because croquet mallets make lousy murdering tools).

The movie’s plot kicks into gear when Danny meets a girl also gifted with the Shining, named Abra (King isn’t a Pokemon fan…that we know of). Abra is being targeted by a cult called The True Knot that seeks to take advantage of psychic children. Danny cannot let that stand! He teams up with Abra to take them down. Can their combined powers stop The True Knot?

The movie version of Doctor Sleep will technically follow the book’s continuity, but it’s being shot and marketed as if it’s continuing the Nicholson version. Kubrick may not be for hire, but Wendy Carlos, who created the 1980s classic’s haunting score, is still available for work — yet hasn’t gotten the call (and there’s still time; the soundtrack is usually one of the last things added to a movie). Our advice to WB: get her on the phone.

Doctor Sleep will be released November 8, 2019.

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