Here are the first images of Assassin Creed 3: Liberation, which is releasing for the PS Vita later this year.

Thanks to twitter user ImLibo


    • I agree John. Sony is crumbling as we speak as its stock achieved a new low this friday with a crash of about 5% in one day AGAIN. The company will soon be worthless.
      No way in hell am I going to invest in a Sony product right now only to play a few games that are exclusive to it as that would simply be throwing your money away.
      It is indeed a “wrong move” by Ubisoft as the Vita is already the worst selling gaming system of all time and making this exclusive to the system won’t change that fact. Assassin’s Creed for the PSP sold poorly, one would have thought Ubisoft had learned from that experience.

      • AC for PSP sold more than 1M copies, without the copies sold from the PS Store.

        Also, in order for a console to better, it needs great games; even if device is selling not so well. Because if not, every console at certain moment would not get any game, and that is just plain stupid.

        I hope you realize how dumb is everything you wrote.

      • Vita is the worst selling console of all time? Well that’s just simply not true. Even if it were a console, rather than a handheld (there is a difference), I can name several much larger commercial failures right off the top of my head. Such as the Nintendo Virtual Boy.

      • I think that it’s far too early to look at the Vita and call it a failure. People were saying the same thing about the 3DS, but it’s now doing quite well for itself.

        Honestly, I own a 3DS and while I enjoy Mario and the crew something like an exclusive AC with a new assassin is the kind of thing I would buy another console for.

        Even the PSP, regardless of what some thought, has a fantastic library and was well worth the money over time. Give the Vita some time, I think it might surprise you.

    • It’s incredibly immature to want to see any company go under; the industry would be awful without competition.

      People tend to forget that the Vita is still (relatively) new, and is still finding its ‘thing’ and its demographic; more titles will be released, and an almost console-level Assassin’s Creed III will likely bring in the punters.

  1. actually, i liked the psp series for a little while, but I simply find sony re-doing their psp like every 18 months ridiculous. and i’m not investing in a vita to repurchase all my games i already own, thanks. no, i think sony simply isn’t innovating enough with each new iteration of it’s handheld device. the fact that I prefer my hardcore games on a bigger screen is a small factor, but as long as pokemon delivers i’ll continue with nintendo. i have both, but haven’t invested anything in sony for a while, just not really interested in what they have out as far as content.

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