A beta version of Boxelware’s space sandbox game Avorion has been available on Steam Early Access since July of 2017. They promised they’d have a completed version up and running this spring, and it looks like that promise will be fulfilled: Avorion graduates from Early Access to Finished Product on March 9, 2020.

In Avorion, you build your own spaceship (you can spend as much time as you want on it, from a simple two-minute design to an elaborate work of art taking weeks). Then you pilot your ship around a universe of procedurally generated galaxies, mine resources, build space stations, and wage war with hostile aliens (who could also be your friends — the game has an online mode).

For this final leg of the journey, Boxelware will be releasing a series of videos meant to welcome newcomers to the game. This first one is a basic introduction to Avorion; future videos will go a bit more in-depth about how you play.

Boxelware has also released this Progress Trailer showing off all the work they’ve done and changes they’ve made over the last three years of development.

“I have always been a massive fan of space games,” says studio head Konstantin Kronfeldner, “and always wanted to make my own version, a game where spaceships break in the exact spot where they are hit by projectiles. Inspired by Minecraft and X3, I started developing it myself as a passion project in 2011. I was already focusing on a procedurally generated sandbox world, but without the typical voxel look. I wanted to give players blocks that could scale up all the way from small ships to massive stations, I wanted players to have a dynamic universe they could shape how they pleased.”

The finished Avorion will be available March 9, but the Early Access version is still purchasable right now for PC, Mac and Linux.