Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn was released today on all systems that play the original game. This bonus chapter is set 35 years before the main storyline and has players controlling the villainous Ardyn Lucis Caelum.

Four new add-on chapters were announced for Final Fantasy XV in April of 2018, each focusing on a specific character: Episode Ardyn, Episode Aranea, Episode Lunafreya and Episode Noctis. Shortly after that announcement was made, game director Hajime Tabata — who has been credited with saving the Final Fantasy XV project — left Square. In respect to him, all future DLC plans for FFXV were cancelled except for Episode Ardyn, which was too far along to pump the brakes.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, this is all you get — this is the final storyline DLC for Final Fantasy XV, and it contains these features:

  • Several new options and gameplay mechanics to explore, including the ability to control Ardyn himself
  • Exhilarating, action-packed battles where players can utilize powerful new attack moves and skills unique to Ardyn, including the “Rising Phantom” and “Dark Tornado”
  • The ability to warp to high platforms or across nearby buildings by way of “Phantasmal Leap”
  • Though a foe of Noctis, the summonable Ifrit is now an ally of Ardyn and may dispatch enemies with powerful fire magic
  • A photography mode allowing players to capture the captivating city of Insomnia
  • A “Hat Shop” offering a plethora of hats for players to purchase, which also appear in cutscenes
  • Rewards upon completion of the episode, including the new “Ardyn’s Ensemble” outfit and “Mutant Rakshasa Blade” for Noctis

The story details that were intended to be revealed in the other three chapters will be used in a book, Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn Of The Future, to be released in Japan next month.