Final Fantasy has had a long history, and not all of it has been good and pleasant. In fact, one of its biggest failures was Final Fantasy XIV, an ambitious MMO that honestly didn’t please fans in many ways. But, Square-Enix refocused and literally rebuilt that game from the ground up and made Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, with numerous refinements, and many positive changes, gamers came flying back to it.

Now, Final Fantasy XIV has over four million subscriptions, and it continues to grow. Because of all this, plus numerous patches that increased content that players also enjoyed, Square Enix is getting ready to unleash the first expansion pack unto A Realm Reborn. Dubbed Heavensward, the game will feature numerous new features, new lands to explore, new jobs to have, and new innovations like faster travel. This will be a true expansion, with a fully featured story as well.

The game is coming out June 23rd on the PS4 and Xbox One, but to get fans excited just a little bit sooner (if they weren’t excited already), PlayStation has revealed the opening cinematic for the game. You can view it in its entirety below, be sure to let us know what you think!