Everyone knows how Final Fantasy 7 opens….it’s one of the most iconic cutscenes in all of gaming. A lot of space, Aerith’s face, Loveless Square, in the air, city shot, train wheels hot, soldiers’ fear, now Cloud’s here.

So you might think there are no real surprises in the video Square published on Valentine’s Day, which is the entire opening cutscene from Final Fantasy 7 Remake….especially since we already saw it in the demo footage that leaked out last month. That’s where you’re wrong…turns out the demo purposely cut a scene before Aerith even appeared.

This time, we get a few extra shots of Midgar and the surrounding area, from a crow’s point of view. We see cars buzzing about, people walking around, kids playing around the cat slide from Sector 5, and the Mako Reactor flaming into life, before the screen fades out and into the Aerith part. The odd thing about this is how…happy everything feels. There is no indication this is Midgar until you see the slide.

I have a theory about this new scene…that we’re not looking at Midgar as we know it, but the Midgar of the past, due to the skies being clear and visible. The first time we see that slide, there is no “rotting pizza” above it. Then, when the Mako reactor fires up, the kid looks up at it in fear, implying it’s the first time the reactor has been turned on. It’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

Anyway, here’s the full scene. Final Fantasy 7 Remake comes out for Playstation 4 on April 10.