For a while now, Oculus and Vive owners have had exclusivity to the World War II themed action strategy game known as Final Assault. That will change this fall as the game launches for Playstation VR — and the good news is that crossplay will be supported among all versions.

Final Assault combines elements from real-time strategy and MOBA games with the 360-degree perspective only possible in VR. You’ve got an overhead view, and the battle is happening all around you….quickly give orders to your soldiers, tanks and planes as they advance on the enemy. Fast thinking is required to come up with a battle-winning strategy.

The game was developed by Phaser Lock Interactive, and was recently selected as one of the PAX 10 — the top 10 indie games selected by a panel of judges involved with PAX. Speaking of which, yes, this DOES mean you’ll be able to play Final Assault at PAX West soon — there will be both a public demo and a private booth for the press.

Join the battle when Final Assault launches on Playstation 4 in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Final Assault is an action packed, WWII themed Action Strategy Game built from the ground up to capitalize on the power of VR,  blending elements from the traditional Real Time Strategy and MOBA genres to create truly unique game-play and a new genre that can only exist through the power of Virtual Reality. Tower over the battlefield as war rages around you in 360 degrees. Command jeeps, tanks, and artillery in massive ground battles as the skies erupt in bullets, flak and dynamic dog fights.