The Silver Scream Fest is coming to Santa Rosa, CA March 4-6, and as part of their show, they’ll be showing off numerous horror films of all shapes and sizes. After receiving many entries from all over the world, they have whittled down their final selection to eight features, thirty-one short films, thirty screenplays, and six graphic novel entries. You can check out the full list via the link above, and see some examples of what to expect below!

FAUX PAWS- Feature Film written and directed by Doug Bari
Gay werewolves Brian and Doug escape from a lycanthrope reservation to seek freedom in Maine, the only state with a sanctioned tolerance of werewolves. Their journey takes them on a road trip, complete with an overnight full moon stop at Brian’s family home. While Brian wrestles with ‘changing’ in front of his family, his threatened brother-in-law conspires with bounty hunters and national police forces giving chase. Will Brian and Doug make it to Maine? If they do, what should they wear? Will they ever be anything more than faux paws? Hide your meat and cheese. Werewolvin’ ain’t what it used to be. Trailer:

HOW TO BE A VILLAIN- Short Film directed by Helen O’Hanlon
In this delightfully demented homage to the golden age of horror movies, you will be advised on career paths for villains, where to put an evil lair, what kind of henchmen to choose and, of course, when to use your evil laugh. Trailer:

THE APOCALYPSE CHRONICLES- Screenplay by Nathan Ludwig
A wounded drifter struggles to uncover the truth about how the world really ended as he plays a sinister game of chance against three mysterious madmen, each with a twisted tale of insanity and terror to tell.

INVISIBLE HANDS- Graphic Novel Script by Laszlo Tamasfi
‘Invisible Hands’ is a sci-fi/horror anthology. Five short stories are strung together by a framing story line, merging them into a 100 page graphic novel. A failed experiment with cutting edge brain mapping caused David Wasp’s mind to shatter. Each short story in the book is a segments of his subconscious: there’s a Lovecraftian laundromat, and there are talking animals. There’s a freak loose in L.A.’s suburbs, and we find out what the Gandhi-virus is. We learn why winter lasted over two years.

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