Toby Fox’s DELTARUNE is going metal! YouTube star and multi-instrumentalist String Player Gamer has concocted a tribute album titled Field of Hopes and Strings. Your favorite melodies from Fox’s Undertale sequel have been re-rendered in symphonic metal, such as the Chapter 1 final boss theme, “Chaos King,” as well as the tune referenced in the title, “Field of Hopes and Dreams.”

Materia Collective is excited to release a special symphonic metal DELTARUNE tribute album titled Field of Hopes and Strings by String Player Gamer. Those familiar with YouTube star and multi-instrumentalist String Player Gamer’s past tributes to game creator and composer Toby Fox’s UNDERTALE soundtrack will enjoy this refreshing spin on the DELTARUNE soundtrack, this time including the talents of several other YouTube celebrities. Field of Hopes and Strings is fully licensed and available today:
“Field of Hopes and Strings is my love letter to the wonderful and whimsical world of DELTARUNE,” says String Player Gamer. “Arranged mostly in symphonic metal style, the album can go from slow and relaxing to intense headbangers without warning. I’ve invited several musician friends to join me in this musical adventure including RichaadEB, TeraCMusic, SungHa Hong, and more!”
01. Fanfare
02. The Legend
03. Field of Hopes and Dreams
04. Chaos King
05. Scarlet Forest
06. Empty Town
07. Friendship
08. Lancer
09. The World Revolving
10. VS Susie
11. Rude Buster
12. Darkness Falls
13. Before the Story
14. Don’t Forget
Check out Field of Hopes and Strings on any of the digital music storefronts linked from this page.

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