Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be getting a new game mode called: “New Game Plus” and it will also offer some bonuses for previous FF XIII players who still have their save file.

FFXIII-2 is launching next week in Japan and Yoshinori Kitase and director Motomu Toriyama have shared some final words with Dengeki PlayStation before the launch:

  • The new mode: “New Game Plus” can only be accessible after you beat the  game, in this mode you can earn new monster decorations and exclusive unlockable items.
  • With your previous FFXII file you will get special monster decorations.
  • Each game episode will last at most around 3 hours .
  • Noel and Serah at the start of the game can use Defender, Attacker or Blaster roles.
  • The bosses fights will take around a coliseum area.
  • The game will have auto save mode and the normal mode in which you can save anywhere you want.
  • Odin can be turned into an ally monster he first appears as one of the bosses of the game.

Source: Sokuho
Via: andriasang

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