Indie puzzle game Felix The Reaper is out now for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One, PC and Mac. In the case of XBox, it’s part of XBox Game Pass and it’ll be part of Game Pass Ultimate at launch.

Felix The Reaper has a job….to kill people. But his real passion is dancing. Luckily he’s found a way to do both at once. In this new 3D puzzle game from independent developer Kong Orange, your goal is to help Felix achieve his dreams — no matter how morbid the approach may be.

Each stage takes place on a rotatable 3D plane. Felix is on one end and the human who’s supposed to die is on the other. Felix has to get that person, but he can only move in the shadows — kind of an issue when it’s daylight, and it’s always daylight in this game. There’s a twist however: Felix can change the direction of the sun! (Just go with it.)

If Felix reaps enough souls he’ll get the chance to dance with his crush, Betty the Maiden. You don’t want to let the poor guy down, do you? Start helping him kill people!

  • A wonderfully original puzzle adventure with uniquely challenging gameplay set in a beautifully colorful, gruesomely sweet world.
  • Samba through over 20 story levels, plus hardcore difficulty variants for each stage and bonus unlockable time trials.
  • Play as Felix, a loveable reaper with the heart of a dancer.
  • Choose your own tunes on Felix‘s Walkman from a variety of indie music artists.
  • Watch Felix dance with exquisite moves developed by professional dancers.
  • Experience a fantastic world inspired by and showcasing nearly 1,000 years of art and storytelling depicting Death across multiple cultures.

Check out Felix The Reaper today on consoles and PC. Or he’ll dance you to death.

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