Nhneno Games was founded in Poland by developer Piotr Młynarczyk. Cologne, their first title, is now out in the Windows Store (it’s already on Steam). The game isn’t about male perfume; it’s a high-speed racer reminiscent of F-Zero and Wipeout, Both series have been dormant for a long time, leaving indie devs to fill the gap.

The game gets its name from its backstory: humans have left Earth and colonized space, but needed some kind of competition to keep from going crazy. That’s why they founded the Cologne Racing System, an intergalactic racing program. But it doesn’t matter how we get to the racing part, so long as we’re whipping through light tunnels at 600 MPH.

“The Millennium Bridge in London was the original inspiration for Cologne,” states Mlynarczyk. “It already looks like a futuristic racing track! I’m a huge fan of science fiction and racing games. With my love for Wipeout and F-Zero, I just had to create a futuristic racing game of my own. That game is Cologne.”

  • Experience futuristic multiplayer racing across 28 winding pipe tracks and 8 exciting planets.
  • Challenge players globally via the WorldWide Racing Plugin or take on swift A.I. computer racers in 3 exciting modes.
  • Customize your racer with electronic head displays, racing suit colorways, and a unique name.
  • Race in style and race fast by fine-tuning your bike with multiple cosmetic and performance upgrades.

Start your engines today in Cologne, now available in the Windows Store.

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