Game Duchy has announced the latest event to arrive in hit mech battler Iron Saga, the iCEY Collaboration Event. iCEY is a fully voiced over 2D hack n’ slash in which players must seek to find the truth by playing through the eyes of iCEY and fighting their way through the game, the title released in 2016 and has since maintained positive reception from fans on Steam. Fans of iCEY will be able to see some of their favorite characters revived in Iron Saga. Players will gain access to limited-time rewards with daily logins as well as participate in a new random event to unlock iCEY pilots and mechs.

The iCEY collaborative event is now available in Iron Saga with a special event quest available until February 27th as well as random events taking place until February 6th and daily login rewards. iCEY herself comes to Iron Saga in mech form during the event having recombined energy crystals around herself creating a shell and becoming iCEY X. Players of at least level 15 will be able to participate in the iCEY event quest. Completing the stages of the quest will net players iCEY X shards and chests in order to build up their team of mechs and pilots. From February 1 – 6 players will also be able to collect iCEY X shards as well as unlock affection gifts and other resources by participating in random events that will be available in chapters 19-21.

Throughout the event players in Iron Saga will also enjoy increased drop rates for event mechas and pilots. The latest mechas to arrive include the iCEY X, Baal and B.A.T. Samurai as well as pilots from the iCEY universe, iCEY, Osin, and Igarashi Meimi. While completing event activities players will have increased chances to loot the Baal and B.A.T. mechas as well as iCEY pilots from February 1st – 6th.

The iCEY collaboration event is now available for players in Iron Saga. Players can begin their ace pilot training by downloading Iron Saga for free on the App Store or Google Play. For more information on Iron Saga visit the official site.

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