The Euthanizer is coming! A new comedy horror flick from Uncork’d Entertainment is heading to select theaters later this month. What does writer/director Teemu Nikki have in store for everyone?

Eurhanizer is centered on Veijo, a man who runs a black market pet euthanizing clinic (if that’s really a thing, I don’t care to know about it). After some unsavory clients are unhappy with his work, Veijo becomes a target…but as his adversaries learn, it’s a mistake to go after someone trained in the art of killing things!

We don’t know all the theaters Euthanizer will play in (the full list has yet to be revealed), but we can confirm it will start its run in LA on July 20. If it’s not playing near you, it’ll appear on VOD platforms August 7.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Euthanizer in action….

Veijo runs a black-market operation euthanizing people’s ailing pets to make extra money. It is clear he has dark secrets, but only after meeting a young nurse and a seedy mechanic (who’s mixed up with a vicious gang of neo-Nazis) that Veijo’s carefully balanced, albeit deranged, life begins to show cracks. Things turn to the extreme when Veijo does not finish a job he was paid to and his client finds out…in this grungy exploitation throwback.