Greeting employees!

The CRONUS Foundation is once again proving that the bright future is near! The world is changing and striving for the better thanks to you, our first settlers. Tomorrow December 14th we will open a new chapter of adventure under the Dome. Less bureaucracy, more work to do!

Global changes

Since the CRONUS founding, we have not stopped studying the Dome for a second. New discoveries, technologies and territories will be available tomorrow, December 14. Thousands of new recruits will travel to the wastelands to explore new lands. But before you go on an adventure, we decided to introduce you to potential partners.

Security office comments:
“Before exploring new locations, it is highly recommended that you review the recruit files. One of them may be able to keep you company on your next trip to the wastelands.”

Meet Crump!
“Wanna know how I got these scars?”

Have you ever heard of the “Clean Sheet” program, which gives everyone a chance for a new happy life, regardless of their past? That’s how Crump got under the Dome.

Brief biography: The real name is Leonard Peterson. The trouble with the law began at an early age – fights, theft, underground fights. That’s how Crump was sent to prison for particularly dangerous criminals. He learned about the Clean Sheet program, which he later took part in. Because of frequent clashes with the authorities, he dislikes Black Wing employees a lot.

Character: Bad. Crump is a very direct person, he doesn’t like lies, manipulations, all sorts of “tricky plans” and stealth.

Combat skills: Prefers hand-to-hand combat, but likes melee weapon too. Shoots lousy because of poor vision after numerous blows to the head.

Yoko. Girl-Robokid

Sometimes even White Wing employees make mistakes. Extremely often they are caused by experiments that have gone too far.

Brief biography: Created by Akira Okavara on the basis of a standard robotic girl. Lives with a scientist at the White Swan station participates in the tasks of searching for data, relics, and equipment in the nearby bunkers.

Character: Curious, adventurous, open to new things, want to know everything. It does not like cruelty and darkness.

Combat skills: strong and deft, but fragile enough to be a glass cannon. Specialist in Heavy Weapon. Uses a powerful, but slow personal pulse energy gun “Shiroyama”, which is connected to the neuro-interface.

New employees, territories and technologies are just a small part of the still unknown and mysterious world under the Dome. Next year, there will be a number of other major updates waiting for you. Together with you we will solve all its secrets and explore every corner.

See you under the Dome!