A new sci-fi thriller, Ellipse, has been announced for a November release by Bland Productions. It’s called Bland Productions because it’s headed by a guy named Joe Bland. It’s one of the most unfortunate names for an independent film-making company we’ve ever heard, and if I was Mr. Bland, I would have gone with “Joe Productions.”

Anyway, this Bland Production concerns an interplanetary military surveyor who is kinda self-destructive. He’s prone to heavy drinking, self loathing, and sulking. This combo doesn’t serve him well when he has to pilot a spaceship, and he ends up crash-landing on an elliptical-shaped planet.

With only his dog for companionship, the man must now learn to survive on a harsh new world, as well as battle withdrawal symptoms from quitting his vices cold turkey. Maybe he’ll learn to be a better person through the experience. And maybe it’ll turn out to be Earth all along because the landscapes he travels through sure do look like ours. (Yes, we know it’s more likely a budget thing.)

Ellipse stars Josiah Authier and Grant Martin, and was directed by the aforementioned Joe Bland and Martin. Look for it on DVD and VOD platforms November 5.

When a man has lost everything, it’s easy to self-destruct. Alcohol, silence, and self-loathing help to speed up the process, however, life must go on… Our story finds us during a typical work day for an intergalactic military surveyor and his canine partner on a solo fight near an undefined, oval-shaped planet. Because of his self-destructive coping methods, a simple fly-by soon turns into an emergency crash landing… leaving a man and his dog in dire straits. It soon becomes apparent that because the planet is elliptical in shape and has no fixed axis, the crew can forget everything they know about weather patterns, gravity, and time.

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